Swimming Scorpions
Based in Wrocław, Poland

Release date:

Steam PC
Xbox One


Game overview:
Petrol Blood is a stealth/chase driving game that will let you taste the authentic Eastern Bloc

Set in an alternative timeline, not too far from our own, it tells a story of an oppressed society
behind the Iron Curtain. It's the 1980's and the Party’s rule is stronger than ever. No one can
escape the police state and even average citizens live in constant fear of the law
enforcement brutality and terror.

Experience the story from the eyes of two expert drivers, both from vastly different
backgrounds and skill sets. A young rebellious punk with a passion for outrageous car
modifications and vandalising government property. A seasoned and extremely focused
agent who will stop at nothing to complete her mission.
Will they outrun the apocalypse on wheels that will set the Cold War ablaze?

Petrol Blood combines the gameplay of classic driving focused action games with unique
stealth mechanics and impressive vehicular boss battles.

Exaggerated reality of the totalitarian dystopia is paired with an over-the-top gameplay.
Perform insane stunts, overuse nitro boost with bold drifting, and finally, utilise powerful car
mods and hidden special gadgets to gain an advantage over your merciless pursuers.

Project background:

Petrol Blood is our love letter to all those crazy car stunts with little care to the laws of
physics we saw in the movies like “Fast & Furious” and “Baby Driver”.

It is also a journey behind the Iron Curtain - from the harsh streets of Wroclaw to narrow
cobblestone boulevards of Prague, to challenging and wild offroads of Polish countryside
and grim urban landscape of East Berlin.

It is also a political and social story of our land. As a small studio located in Poland, we
wanted to recreate the realities of the Soviet influenced era from our own perspective. We
decided to juxtapose it with action-oriented gameplay and powerful characters to provide a
commentary and a way of coping with the gruesome totalitarian environment.

The bold gameplay mechanics combined with the inspiring atmosphere of Eastern European
cities, the eclectic mixture of pre-war architecture and Soviet modernism, the unique
approach to the dystopian setting - those are the ingredients we carefully chose in order to
create a truly personal game experience we want to share with the world.


1. Spectacular boss fights

Feel the thrill of high-speed chase and epic battles! Each boss boasts their unique design, ranging from moderately weird to absolutely and mind-bogglingly insane. Find their weak spots, strategize and FIGHT!

2. Eclectic setting
From the grim streets of Wroclaw to narrow cobblestones of Prague to wild off roads of Polish countryside, you’ll discover a wide range of styles. Petrol Blood takes the authentic modernist setting of the Eastern Bloc and brings it to the extreme. Admire the glamorous Art Nouveau architecture juxtaposed with colossal Soviet buildings made of concrete and proletariat sweat. Explore a somber urban environment, then reconnect with nature in the quaint landscape of Bohemian mountains.

3. Threefold chase-stealth-combat mechanics
Switch between three main gameplay elements that, when combined, will allow you to tackle even the most challenging missions. You’ll have to outmaneuver your opponents in crazy, stunt-filled chases or be sneaky and smart when you approach them in stealth mode. Stay vigilant to remain unseen, and if all else fails, use the raw power of your four-wheeled beast to get what you want. No holds barred when you’re on a mission.

4. Two playable characters with distinct mechanics
A punk with a knack for crazy car mods, a nitro boosted engine under his hood and rebellion in his heart. A deadly agent with her state-of-the-art gadgets that would put most superhero spies to shame. This combustible mixture is guaranteed to set the roads on fire. Utilize the exclusive skills and abilities of two vastly different characters as you fight the system.


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